This Kickstarter Smart Dog Collar Could Save Your Dog's Life - Paste

By Jennifer Allen  |  February 9, 2017  |  11:00am

Wearables for pets are a steadily growing industry. That means plenty of room for experimentation, but it also means we haven’t found the “must have” gadget for your pooch yet. Jagger & Lewis hopes to change that with its smart dog collar that’s like a Fitbit for your furry friend.

The device clips onto your dog’s existing collar and tracks behavior and activity patterns. A simple set up process has it informed of your dog’s age, type, weight and normal food intake. By knowing such things, it can then keep an eye on your dog’s welfare value. Each day, it evaluates six key aspects. It looks at how often they eat and for how long, how much they’re drinking, whether they’re scratching or licking themselves more than usual and their sleeping patterns.

Alongside that, it determines if they’re barking or moaning more than usual, as well as how active they are throughout the day. By keeping an eye on regular habits, the Jagger & Lewis smart dog device works out if something unusual is happening, giving you a heads-up if something needs to be done. Whether it’s a behavioral issue or a physical ailment, extra insight will be invaluable.

The idea came from founder, Alexandre Delille, after his own dog, Diesel, suffered from issues while staying at a kennel.

“During the stay, Diesel fell ill with gastric torsion. This happens to some dogs and it can be very serious. Fortunately, a volunteer immediately noticed that something was wrong with Diesel and responded immediately,” Delille says.

It set off a train of thought for Delille. What would have happened if no one had noticed? With busy lives, it can be hard to spot issues, which is where the Jagger & Lewis device can fill the gap.

Consisting of a small team of 15, Jagger & Lewis’s primary motivation is to aid peace-of-mind and well-being in every day life. In the case of the connected collar, the wellbeing of dogs is everything, enabling owners to better understand their furry friend’s needs. It’s been approved by veterinarians too, with the collar’s focus on behavioral reports really benefiting them in their diagnosis.


The connected collar should simultaneously intrigue and entertain. On the one hand, you can actually see how energetic your pooch is, and if they’re a little on the greedy side, but you can also see if something odd is happening. No longer will you have to worry if you’re reading too much into something or just not noticed something that’s perfectly normal. Best of all? There’s no subscription fee involved, meaning it’s a one-off payment for peace-of-mind.

smartdogcollar1.jpgRecently launched on Kickstarter, the company decided to go with a crowdfunding platform for the sake of being noticed by the right people— dog owners.

“We knew that launching here would enable us to gain feedback early on, and help us to improve our smart device for dogs all over the world,” the team says.

That’s been a smart move so far, with the campaign reaching the halfway point of its pledge goal in a short space of time.

The campaign runs until March 1 with plenty of different pledge rewards available. $129 gets you one super early bird special of a smart collar with that price steadily rising to $139 and $149 as early bird specials are sold. $595 buys you 5 smart dog devices, being ideal for the larger dog family.

While nothing will replace the attention you should give your pet, the Jagger & Lewis smart dog collar device should be ideal for those times that you can’t be there, it might just spot something you didn’t see coming.

"Il n'y aurait pas vraiment de révolution dans le monde des wearables s'il n'existait pas d'objets connectés pour chiens également... Heureusement, Jagger & Lewis est d'accord, c'est pourquoi ils leur ont créé un collier connecté"

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"Le collier pourrait finir par devenir un outil d'une valeur inestimable pour les maîtres de chien obligés de passer du temps loin de leurs compagnons à quatre pattes"

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"Le collier peut fournir des données importantes et vous alerter si votre chien ne va pas bien : vous pouvez alors savoir quand l'amener chez le vétérinaire"

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