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Jagger & Lewis have launched a Kickstarter for their new smart dog collar device.

Aimed to enhance the owner’s relationship with their dog, the device tracks your furry friend’s behaviour, sending real-time alerts through a companion app. The device allows owners to see if their pooch is really being good while they’re not with them.

The app database caters for every dog breed and the device will give dog owners piece of mind about the welfare of their pet. It’s easy to set up too – the owners input the dog’s age, breed, usual food and daily activity into the app and attach the device to the collar.

The data is analyzed by Jagger & Lewis’ smart welfare algorithm that measures hunger, thirst, sleep, and key indicators of stress such as barking. The app is available on Android and iOS and also provides advice and services from Jagger & Lewis’ team of veterinary experts.

Simply connect the app to your device and choose from three modes:

Yann Puslecki, Jagger & Lewis CMO, explains: “We are dog owners ourselves, and know how strong a bond can be with your dog, but sadly we can’t always be with them or understand exactly how they’re feeling. We know our daily routines start with our pets (often being woken up!) and that the first thing we do when returning home is fuss over them and make sure our dogs are well. As dog lovers ourselves, it’s been so important that we get this right, and bring the Kickstarter audience something that can deepen your relationship with your dog.“

Jagger & Lewis is available to back on Kickstarter, with limited early bird pledge levels starting at $119, which includes a collar, charger and the smartphone app on iOS or Android. Early bird bundles will be delivered May 2017.

"Il n'y aurait pas vraiment de révolution dans le monde des wearables s'il n'existait pas d'objets connectés pour chiens également... Heureusement, Jagger & Lewis est d'accord, c'est pourquoi ils leur ont créé un collier connecté"

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"Le collier pourrait finir par devenir un outil d'une valeur inestimable pour les maîtres de chien obligés de passer du temps loin de leurs compagnons à quatre pattes"

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"Le collier peut fournir des données importantes et vous alerter si votre chien ne va pas bien : vous pouvez alors savoir quand l'amener chez le vétérinaire"

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